Thats gotta be one of the cutest panels ive seen. WOW so cute.

WOW Vriska and Meenah are bein mad fuckin cute. Vriska bein all bummed and Meenah listening to her and bein a bro and braiding her hair.


LMAO That was an escalation of violence I didnt expect.

Why do I feel like this is going to be a ‘Good job breaking it, Hero.’ moment? Shes already balls to the wall crazy …. now she doesnt have a soul…
Doesnt sound like a great idea to me.

Bec would never drop his precious baby!:’3 Oh Dave.

OH JANE. /casually ships Dave/Jane too

Everything involving these cuties right now is pretty awesome and adorable.

Ya, ok but Janes God tier hoodie has a little pocket where she keeps little cat toys?

Thats mad cute.

Also, I thought it was a tampon at first. I was a little confused, little concerned.

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