make son get on skype cause i need her so i can ask what her hair looks like now cause im trying to draw her a thing ;w; also do you have a selfie tag thing so i can stare at your face and doodle you a thing too? cottoncandyflufftier

SON GET ON SKYPE OR WHATEVER… man I only ever really talk to Son on here.
Uhm well there might be stupid pics of like half of my face on the ‘Ewim’ tag….

Get to know me meme [5/14] Favorite male characters: Troy Barnes
"You’re more of a fun vampire. You don’t suck blood, you just suck."

"Mikoshiba Momotarou! My favorite ice cream bar is the chocolate pudding flavor! My favorite hamburger is the triple-cheese burger!"

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If people can just invite whoever whats the point?

(I guess to keep people like me from just signing up and not doing anything like douche probably… but-)

OIC. Thats weird.
Nah thats cool. I was just curious.
:3 Thanks tho!

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